Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The new energies

We all wish for a world where we share all that we have in common, in peace & love. A world where we play at living in happiness and great Joy.

The new moon, eclipse, is on July 1, 2011. It is the start of a new unprecedented cycle in our transformation of ourselves, our societies, our institutions, our countries, and our world. 
At this time we should be particularly mindful of our friends in Egypt, the middle east, and other troubled regions of our planet.
I wish us all great Joy in imagining and co-creating a new earth - a place of caring, sharing, abundance,  and peace.

The following is a message from Mary Magdalene, as channelled by  Carolyn

For so long, humanity has not revered and placed emphasis, compatibility with the divine feminine. She has been clothed in an attire that does not allow her to take her rightful place. So the energies that have come in is an awareness of the divine feminine and her importance. Without the compassion of the divine feminine, life will continue to go on in a warring phase, with the domination of the masculine over the feminine; and it is this month, this energy that will help you step up to that line of empowerment. Know who you are; know that whether you are male or female in bodily form, you hold the attributes of the soul that is both male and female, androgynous, they say. Everyone must wear the banner of compassion. It is where the Earth is poised now, at this moment; to look upon all in the element of oneness, in the element of compassion for all of the parts of that oneness, as indeed it is. Like a myriad of droplets in an ocean of water; the ocean is the oneness, the droplets are the individual. You play both roles, my friends. And so it is.
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